After many years working in event management related to the fashion and home industries, I wanted to change my career path and do something that speaks closer to my heart – work with what I adore and love- FLOWERS. So, I founded Dream Floral Art (DFA), a boutique floral design studio based in Fairfax, VA. 

Hello there, I'm KB! Let's dream in flowers together!

Floral Designer

I am of Vietnamese descent. I am passionate about preserving our culture and traditions. Dream Floral Art is proud to be the only florist in the DMV area to offer specialized services for Vietnamese weddings in addition to our regular full service offers. We have the expertise, knowledge and resources to execute an authentic Vietnamese wedding.

My Expertise


I love flowers! The more the better! At the same time, I don’t like to discard flowers. For several years, I tried to find ways to balance between enhancing the beauty and extending the longevity of flowers. I have finally found a combination that is popular with my clients, one that also helps us stand out in the wedding floral community. We offer fresh, faux, and preserved wedding flowers and rentals to provide beauty while still being environmentally friendly. 

My Philosophy