After many years working in event management related to the fashion and home industries, I wanted to change my career path and do something that speaks closer to my heart – work with what I adore and love- FLOWERS. So, I founded Dream Floral Art (DFA), a boutique floral design studio based in Fairfax, VA. 

Hello there, I'm KB! 

Floral Designer

1. It is an opportunity to bring together your closest friends and family to participate in a fun, and meaningful tradition.
2. If your parents are still around, though they may suggest for you to skip this tradition, deep inside their heart, they would appreciate the ceremony because you will be showing appreciation for them, for your grandparents and ancestors, and their traditions.
3. It is a great opportunity to commemorate your culture and heritage for years to come when your wedding pictures are shared with your children and future generations.
4. It is a great opportunity to show pride and share your family’s unique culture and traditions
5. Following traditions will help to customize your wedding and make the preparation around it unique, fun, and beautiful.

why should you consider incorporating a tea ceremony as part of your wedding?


I am of Vietnamese descent. I am passionate about preserving our culture and traditions. Dream Floral Art is proud to be the only florist in the DMV area to offer specialized services for Vietnamese weddings in addition to our regular full service offers. We have the expertise, knowledge and resources to execute an authentic Vietnamese wedding.

My Expertise